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By Scholars at Risk |
<div>August 17, 2017 -- Scholars at Risk (SAR) is concerned over the summons of two professors, two students, and one independent intellectual in connection with their attendance at the International Conference on Thai Studies.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>SAR understands these five individuals attended the 13th International Conference on Thai Studies, held from 15 to 18 July 2017 at the Chiang Mai Convention Center in Chiang Mai. </div>
<div>Pavin Chachavalpongpun has been known as a fierce critic of the Thai Army since before Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha staged the coup d’état in May 2014. After the coup, he continued to criticize the junta leader in his mischievous and acerbic manner on his Facebook page, but also in frank and serious articles and interviews. Gen Prayut got so irritated that he called Pavin “a jerk” (คนเฮงซวย in Thai.)</div> <p></p>
<div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>The military on Friday summoned student activists from Khon Kaen University, in northeastern Khon Kaen Province, to have them sign an agreement to stop anti-coup activities.&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>In the North East, the junta has kept a close watch on universities, such as Maha Sarakham and Ubon Ratchathani. </div></div>
<div>The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), a special security body under the coup makers, on Sunday night summoned five scholars from leading Thammasat University and Chulalongkorn University.&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>They are ordered to report themselves on Monday between 10-11am at the Thai Army Club, Theves.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>The five academics are:&nbsp;</div> <div>1 Banjerd Sinkaneti, Faculty of Law, Thammasat University</div> <div>2 Surapon Nitikraipot, Rector of Thammasat University</div> <div>3 Harirak Sutabutr, Thammasat Business School</div> <div>4 Chai-anan s </div>
<div>&nbsp;</div> <div><span>One day following Thailand’s 12th military coup since the end of the absolute monarchy in 1932, 26 scholars of Thai Studies from outside the country, wrote a letter to General Prayuth Chan-ocha, expressing their concern at the coup launched by the National Order Maintenance Council (NOMC). </span></div>
<div>Group of academics on Thursday called on the government to resolve the current conflict by holding referendum to amend the constitution, and dissolve the parliament, paving the way for new election.&nbsp;</div> <p></p>