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By Abhisit Vejjajiva |
<p>Over the past two years as Prime Minister, I have been trying to keep you informed to elicit your participation and help you to understand my mission. Nonetheless, I have tried to avoid touching on political events which are highly sensitive as I do not want to exacerbate the current strife. But as misinformation has been spread by some media, I feel the urge to write this record for the benefit of all of you who are very soon going to decide the fate of this country.</p>
By Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL) |
<p>The Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL) will begin deploying a team of election observers from countries across Asia and beyond. At a press conference held at 2:00pm on the 6th, ANFREL&rsquo;s team explained the structure and methodology of its observation effort and detailed the areas where ANFREL had concerns about the upcoming General Elections in Thailand.</p>
By Jaran Ditapichai, Former National Human Rights Commissioner, Thailand |
<p>On this coming July 3, 2011, there will be a general election in Thailand which apparently looks ordinary as any elections in democratic countries. But for those who follow the political situation in Thailand for many years would see that this is extraordinary election. It is unique in two respects.</p>
By The Isaan Record |
<p>KHON KAEN &ndash; Pheu Thai will win 80 of Isaan&rsquo;s 126 constituency MP seats in the upcoming election, Northeastern Red Shirt leaders projected this past Sunday. Approximately 150 UDD provincial and district level leaders met at Khon Kaen University&rsquo;s Mo Din Daeng Hotel to share their election forecasts and formulate their campaign strategies.</p>