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By John Draper |
<p>As reported in this excellent <a href="">ABC News column</a> drawing on a Matichon Online story, the Royal Thai Military has begun the systematic militarized indoctrination of kindergarteners.</p> <p><strong>Systematic Military Indoctrination of Thai Kindergarteners Begins</strong></p>
<p>The Royal Thai Army is conducting a programme to educate kindergarten children to be patriotic through the junta’s controversial nationalistic 12 Thai Values. &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;</p> <p>On 21 December 2016, Lt Col Phansak Phraewphanit, Commander of the 1st Infantry Battalion of the 29 Army Regiment in Kanchanaburi Province, welcomed a group of 180 kindergarten children and their teachers to participate in a ‘Homeland Defence Battalion’ programme,&nbsp;<a href="">Matichon Online reported</a>.</p>
<div>12 Thai Values in comparison to youth values promoted by other Southeast Asian member states</div> <p></p>
<p>After a group of students launched a campaign against the coup makers’ controversial nationalistic 12 Thai Values, which have been imposed on the curriculum, the military has intimidated a Grade 11 student in a bid to stop her from challenging the regime. The Education Minister also thinks the students might be abnormal.</p> <p>The junta reportedly called the director of the school to ask about the student activist in order to pressure the school, while the student activist insisted on carrying on with her activities for academic freedom</p>