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31 May 2016
Soldiers stormed into a red-shirt TV station and warned a Pheu Thai Party spokesperson to be careful in criticising the junta. About 10 soldiers at around 3 pm on Tuesday, 31 May 2016, stormed into the broadcasting station in Bangkok of TV 24, a TV station affiliated with United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD), the main red shirt faction associated with Thaksin Shinawatra, the former controversial Prime Minister, Khaosod News reported.
31 May 2016
The Thai military have summoned former Members of Parliament (MPs) from the Pheu Thai Party in Isan, Thailand’s northeast, for a discussion after their names appeared on the junta’s list of ‘influential figures’.
12 May 2016
Thai military detained political dissidents associated with the anti-establishment red shirt and raided their houses together with Pheu Thai politicians in a campaign to crackdown on mafia.   A combined military and police force on Thursday morning, 12 May 2016, raided at least a dozen of houses in the central provinces of Samut Prakan and Chachoengsao in a campaign called ‘Cleaning Pak-nam, Getting rid of Influential Figures’ to crackdown on mafia.
12 May 2016
The Thai military have reportedly abducted a cameraman and another individual in the central province of Samut Prakan after attempting to break into the house of a Pheu Thai Party politician earlier this morning.
12 May 2016
The Thai military and police have attempted to break into the house of a Pheu Thai Party politician to detain him after he criticized the junta leader. According to Voice TV, a news source from the Pheu Thai Party reported that soldiers and police officers in the early hours of Thursday, 12 May 2016, surrounded the house of Worachai Hema, a former Member of Parliament (MP) of the Pheu Thai Party from Samut Prakan Province, and attempted to break into the house.
22 Apr 2016
A politician from the Pheu Thai Party recently released from military custody has told the media that his daughter has been pressured to leave the country.    
21 Apr 2016
The Military Court has released embattled Pheu Thai Party politician Watana Muangsook. The Military Court of Bangkok at around 5:40 pm on Thursday, 21 April 2016, released on 80,000 baht bail Watana Muangsook, 59, a politician from the Pheu Thai Party who was detained by the military for so-called attitude adjustment, a period of detention with lectures forced upon political dissidents by the junta. He will be released after being transferred to Bangkok Remand Prison on Thursday evening.
19 Apr 2016
The Thai junta has announced that a well-known politician from the Pheu Thai Party currently in detention may face two years in prison for violating a regime announcement. The Daily News on Tuesday, 19 April 2016, reported that Watana Muangsook, a politician from the Pheu Thai Party currently detained at a so-called attitude adjustment camp, may face two years’ imprisonment for violating National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) Announcement No. 39/2014.
2 Apr 2016
Military and police officers have searched the offices of Pheu Thai party politicians in northern Thailand and confiscated red bowls inscribed with Thai new year greetings from former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Matichon Online reported that at 10:30 am on Saturday, 2 April 2016, soldiers from the 15th Cavalry Squadron in the northern province of Nan and police officers searched three offices of former Members of Parliament from the Pheu Thai party in Mueang, Pua, and Wiang Sa districts of the province.
31 Mar 2016
In an attempt to censor voices against the draft constitution, the junta threatened the Pheu Thai Party after it issued a statement denouncing the draft constitution as undemocratic.    On Wednesday, 30 March 2016, the Pheu Thai Party issued a statement condemning the final draft of the constitution and urging people to turn it down in the referendum, scheduled in August.   In response to Pheu Thai’s move, Col Piyapong Klinphan, a spokesperson for the junta, said the junta thanks Pheu Thai for having a clear stance on the draft, but t
28 Mar 2016
Military officers cited absolute power to abduct a Pheu Thai party politician and reportedly threatened to arrest his family. Matichon Online reported that on Sunday, 27 March 2016, Watana Muangsook, a key leader of the Pheu Thai party, sent a message via the Line chat application to a reporter at 6:08 pm, saying that military officers in two military vehicles visited his house in Bangkok while he was not at home.
25 Mar 2016
The Thai military have informed a former politician from the Pheu Thai party that he will be taken in for an attitude adjustment session over remarks against the junta leader.   Matichon Online reported on Friday, 25 March 2016, that Worachai Hema, former Member of Parliament for Samut Prakan Province from the Pheu Thai Party, told media that military officers had informed him that they will take him for a so-called attitude adjustment session.


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