People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC)

10 Mar 2014
The rampant confusion over the putative secessionist movement calling for an independent state of Lanna in the north of Thailand is no more than you can expect in a country besotted with acronyms.
28 Feb 2014
I am a resident of Din Daeng. For my daily exercise I go to a public aerobics programme that takes place at the Thai-Japanese Stadium every day at 6:30 pm except Mondays.
28 Feb 2014
The involvement of a controversial monk Buddha Issara as an anti-government protest leader sparks fierce debate on the function of Buddhism in this turbulent country.
24 Feb 2014
On February 18, the world that watches the BBC saw a grenade thrown at police at Phan Fa bridge which a police officer unsuccessfully (but ‘heretically’, according to a PDRC tweet and I hope that’s just a blooper and he meant ‘heroically’) tried to kick away.
16 Feb 2014
Violence again has struck a PDRC protest site, though it appears that for the first time in many months of protest, no external attack was involved.
14 Feb 2014
The conservative establishment’s nigh decade-long putsch to turn back the progress of Thai democracy and the empowering advances it has made since late in the last century has backfired on them with epic irony. Their illiberal acts have been designed to demolish popular electoral democracy and return the nation to a state of corrupt and ineffective government open to easy exploitation by the traditional elite.
10 Feb 2014
The big issue for the ‘we’re never going away no matter how many deadlines we miss’ PDRC protesters is clearly corruption.  This to them is the number one problem facing the nation.  It is also the number one failing of the Thaksin clan of cronies and clones, and the reason why the kingdom must be rid them. Now it may come as a horrible shock to anyone who has followed Thai politics for the last 20 years, but Thaksin has not been convicted on a criminal charge of corruption. 
5 Feb 2014
On Sunday, when anti-government People's Democratic Reform Committee secretary-general Suthep Thaugsuban delivered his post-election speech, he declared victory for voters who refused to exercise their right and also made allegations of electoral fraud. However, one thing was conspicuously missing in his speech. He made no mention whatsoever of the 8 million to 10 million voters who were robbed of their right to vote because of obstruction by PDRC supporters.
4 Feb 2014
Two journalists, a Thai and an American, were injured while covering clashes between government supporters and opponents in the Bangkok suburb of Laksi on the eve of yesterday’s general elections.
3 Feb 2014
Nawaminthrachinuthit Triam Udomsuksa Phatthanakan School   27 January 2014   Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban  Secretary General of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC)   Topic:  Curiosity and anxiety of an ordinary student Dear Mr. Suthep:   My name is Netiwit Chotiphatpaisal and I am a Grade  11 high school student with an interest in political news.
2 Feb 2014
Today’s Thai general election results are now looming, and with the Pheu Thai Party government positioned to secure a likely victory, anti-government protesters will be intent on finding more ways to delegitimise their nation’s political process. Over recent years, the Thai political system has been able to resist the pressure to concede much to the demands of the Bangkok protesters who still remain defiant.


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