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17 Oct 2014
Please read the updated report here The military arrested and filed a lese majeste charge against a 67-year-old man for writing messages deemed defaming the monarchy in a shopping mall’s restrooms. Opas C., was captured by the mall’s employee on Wednesday and was later arrested by the military. On Friday, the military brought him to the crime suppression unit and filed a charge under Article 112, or the lese majeste law, against him. He confessed that he wrote the message.
10 Oct 2014
The accounts of torture include electric shocks to the genitals, suffocation, continuous beatings all night, and detention in a hole in the ground, while the hole was being filled. 
9 Oct 2014
see larger image here The Royal Gazette on 6 October announced the names of the 250 members of the National Reform Council (NRC) in accordance with Section 28 of the 2014 Interim Constitution.
1 Aug 2014
  Khaosod English: Police have arrested a man alledgedly a member of an underground red-shirt group allegedly responsible for launching grenades at anti-government protesters earlier this year.   Yongyuth Boondee, aka "Deang Shinjang", a native of northeastern Roi Et province, was arrested by military officers in northern Chiang Mai province on Thursday night, said Deputy Chief of the Royal Thai Police Somyot Phumpanmuang, during Friday press briefing.&nb
23 Jun 2014
  Khaosod English reported on Monday that spokesperson of the military junta has rejected the revelation by the former anti-government protest leader that the army has been seeking to overthrow the previous government for years.   Suthep Thaugsuban, leader of the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC), reportedly told his supporters over the weekend that he been closely coordinating with army chief and coupmaker Gen.
12 May 2014
King Bhumibol Marks 64 Years on the throne |  EC regulations on the use of armoured vehicles and bulletproof vests | PDRC's final battle for an appointed "People's Government"
6 May 2014
Mr. Suthep to “reclaim sovereign power” for “the people”
5 May 2014
  What does "Last round" mean to Suthep? An infographic shows speeches of Suthep Thaugsuban on the PDRC stage, addresing to the protesters about the "last round" of fights against Thaksin regime which seem never really the last.   
7 Apr 2014
I trust you were as shocked as I was to read the outrageous ‘Gridlock makes losers of us all’ column by Atiya Achakulwisut in last Tuesday’s Bangkok Post.  It being April 1, I momentarily suspected it was an April Fool spoof, but it seems I was sadly mistaken.  In a single article she carelessly junked the Post’s carefully crafted paeans to the bravery, statesmanship and personal sacrifice of Suthep Thaugsuban.  These puff pieces have for months laboured to overcome his legacy as a corrupt provincial wheeler-dealer with a lightning quick eye for the main chance.
23 Mar 2014
Friends of Thai Democracy are becoming increasingly anxious as the search for its whereabouts or any trace of its remains now enters its third month.


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