22 Dec 2022
A Ramkhamhaeng University student has been sentenced to prison on royal defamation charges for allegedly sharing Facebook posts containing misinformation about the King’s health and is currently detained at Bangkok Remand Prison while his bail request is forwarded to the Appeal Court.
22 Dec 2022
Students at Mahasarakham University attempted to protest during the university’s graduation event, before being stopped by police and military officers, one of whom pushed a student into a nearby pond.
22 Dec 2022
A month has passed since police officers stomped and beat reporters while dispersing an APEC 2022 protest. Calls for an investigation by media associations have met with little progress.
19 Dec 2022
The Bureau of the Royal Household issued a second statement today (19 December) on the condition of Princess Bajrakitiyabha, stating that she is still stable and that her heart, lungs, and kidneys are being treated with medication. 
18 Dec 2022
The Nakhon Si Thammarat Provincial Court has dismissed a defamation charge filed against art critic Pearamon Tulavardhana by Chiang Mai University lecturer Pongsiri Kiddee, who sued Pearamon after she wrote an article criticizing an exhibition featuring his work. 
18 Dec 2022
A 26-year-old factory worker accused of spraying paint on the frames of King Vajiralongkorn portraits at two locations in Pattaya has been sentenced to prison for royal defamation.
16 Dec 2022
A 25-year-old man has been arrested and charged with royal defamation for posting a comment on Facebook about a photo taken from a movie theatre screening of the royal anthem.
15 Dec 2022
Sombath Somphone was abducted from the middle of Lao PDR’s capital Vientiane in 2012. A decade later, the perpetrators have not been brought to justice, his fate is still unknown, and his friends still hope for some progress in the case.
15 Dec 2022
On 15 December 2022, the Bureau of the Royal Household published a statement, declaring that Princess Bajrakitiyabha, King Vajiralongkorn's oldest child, had a heart-related condition requiring medical treatment.
14 Dec 2022
A 19-year-old protester who was arrested during a protest on 13 October 2020 has been sentenced to 2 years and 5 days in prison on charges resulting from the protest, including violation of the Emergency Decree and resisting officials.
9 Dec 2022
A 13-year-old protester says he has been harassed by the police after he tried to protest at Sanam Luang on the late King Bhumibol’s birthday.
8 Dec 2022
Over 200 Rohingya refugees from a Bangladesh IDP camp have been left floating in a single boat off the coast of Thailand. Unable to get the boat moving and lacking food and water, 30 people have reportedly died.


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