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<p>During the pandemic, Thai musicians and workers in the music industry faced unemployment as bars and entertainment venues were ordered to close. Many had to sell their instruments to keep themselves afloat, or make a living doing whatever else they could, while some left the industry altogether.</p><p>In &quot;Unplugged: Music in Crisis,&quot; Thai musicians talk about their lives during and after the pandemic, and the future of creative economy in Thailand.</p>
<p>Following the pro-democracy protests of 2020 - 2022, many activists were required to wear an electronic monitoring (EM) bracelet to be granted bail. Among them are Chonthicha Jangrew and Panadda Sirimasakul.</p><p>In &ldquo;Electronic Monitoring Devices: Online Shackles,&rdquo; young activists talk about their lives after being charged for joining protests and being ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device while waiting for trial.</p>