Majlis Syura Patani (MARA Patani)

1 Feb 2016
One of the insurgent groups in Thailand’s Deep South has warned people to stay away from military bases, saying that it has fired rockets into them. On Friday, 29 January 2016, Patani United Liberation Front (PULO), an insurgent group in Thailand’s restive Deep South, announced through its website Puloinfo that the group has attacked military bases in Pattani and Narathiwat Province with rockets.
13 Jan 2016
Prachatai talked to Romadon Panjor, a civil society worker in Thailand’s Deep South who went to participate in the discussions between the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Patani independence group MARA Patani in Kuala Lumpur. Romadon reveals how the discussions went, the OIC’s direction, and how the continuing peace process will probably proceed. 
4 Jan 2016
After being forced to shut down since the 2014 coup, along with many other community radio stations in the area, Media Selatan, a local Malay radio station in the Deep South, is coming back on air early this year. The director of Media Selatan states that shutting down local media is tantamount to closing channels for citizens to express their opinions about the ongoing peace process. 
23 Nov 2015
The coalition of insurgent groups in the restive Deep South of Thailand has rebutted reports that they have reached an agreement with the Thai state on ‘safety zones’. On Sunday, 22 November 2014, MARA Patani, the umbrella organization of separatist movements in Thailand’s Deep South, issued a statement to make clear that the group has not concluded any agreement with the Thai state during the latest round of negotiations on 11-12 November 2015.
12 Oct 2015
A prominent insurgent group in Thailand's restive Deep South has denounced MARA Patani, the umbrella organization of separatist movements, and on-going peace talks between them and Bangkok.
8 Sep 2015
A self-described Muslim insurgent member in a restive Deep South of Thailand released a video clip online, pointing out the Thai state’s hypocrisy in solving the southern conflict and vowing to fight on for independence.    
27 Aug 2015
MARA Patani, the umbrella organization for the insurgency movement in the restive three southernmost provinces of Thailand -- Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat, and four districts of Sonkhla -- has just had their first meeting with media.
18 Aug 2015
The latest research conducted by a think tank based in Thailand’s restive Deep South shows that most people in the region are in favour of peace talks. However, they urged the Thai government to be more open and the insurgent groups to abstain from violence.


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