Emergency Decree

24 Feb 2014
On February 18, the world that watches the BBC saw a grenade thrown at police at Phan Fa bridge which a police officer unsuccessfully (but ‘heretically’, according to a PDRC tweet and I hope that’s just a blooper and he meant ‘heroically’) tried to kick away.
6 Mar 2013
Prachatai’s case against the authorities for blocking its website during the red-shirt protests in 2010 has finally been accepted by the Civil Court, after the Court’s initial decision to dismiss the case was overturned by the Appeals Court.
10 Apr 2012
On 10 April, the Bangkok North Municipal Court dismissed charges against Sombat Boon-ngam-anong, leader of the Red Sunday group, for his participation in an activity held under the Emergency Decree on 18 May 2010.
21 Oct 2011
On 18 Oct, Bangkok North Municipal Court acquitted Pol Sr Sgt Maj Santivej Phutree, who was arrested and charged under the Emergency Decree during the political unrest last year when he was trying to look for his daughter.
15 Sep 2011
Leader of the red-shirt Red Sunday group Sombat Boon-ngam-anong has received a suspended jail term and a fine for violating the Emergency Decree last year.
12 Jun 2011
The provincial court in Ubon Ratchathani has given 9 red shirts suspended jail terms for their alleged involvement in the 19 May 2010 unrest, after they pleaded guilty.  Another group of 21 red shirts will hear the court’s rulings in early September.
2 Mar 2011
22 red shirts held in prison in Udon Thani have been denied bail, while 6 red shirts in Mukdahan have been granted bail to receive treatment for mental illness.
18 Feb 2011
A written statement submitted by the Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) to the UN Human Rights Council
28 Jan 2011
Sombat Bun-ngam-anong has received a second indictment for violating the Emergency Decree.
25 Jan 2011
The public prosecutor has decided to drop the case of a red-shirt vendor who was arrested and charged with selling flip-plops bearing the picture of the Prime Minister’s face in October last year on grounds of insufficient evidence.
23 Dec 2010
The public must demand that the government free all websites blocked under the emergency decree, which ended yesterday, in order to defend their right to access information, media executive Chuwat Rerksrisuk said yesterday.
23 Dec 2010
It has been 258 days since the Prachatai.com website was blocked under the order of the CRES. The order to block the website came about right after the declaration of the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situation (hereafter “Decree”). Prachatai.com, which has been online since September 2004, was first blocked on 8 April 2010. The amount of the financial loss, according to the figures that Prachatai has filed in a charge against the government and CRES with the Court of Justice and which is currently being investigated by the Court of Appeal, stands at 5 million baht.  


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