Emergency Decree

4 Aug 2010
The high school student charged with violating the Emergency Decree has undergone a psychological examination and is scheduled to receive psychotherapy for two days. On 2 Aug, the 16 year-old Grade 11 student, who joined four college students on 16 July to protest against the decree and the government crackdown on demonstrations at Ratchaprasong, underwent a psychological examination by officials of the Juvenile Observation and Protection Centre.
1 Aug 2010
A high school student, one of five students who have been persecuted for their minor protest against the Emergency Decree in Chiang Rai, reported to the Juvenile Observation and Protection Centre for questioning, and has been advised to confess to the crime and ask the court for leniency.
1 Aug 2010
Despite being under emergency rule for four months, many Bangkokians still believe their lives are "normal." However, there's nothing normal about living under the emergency decree. The "silent majority" should not complacently accept the emergency law as status quo because it not only violates their rights, but is also bad for democracy. Unless they want Thailand to become another Burma, they should seriously stop and think about the merits of this law.
27 Jul 2010
5 students in Chiang Rai have been persecuted by the authorities after they staged a small protest calling for the lifting of the Emergency Decree and reminding the public of the killings in Ratchaprasong. 
9 Apr 2010
On 8 April at about 9.20PM, Abhisit Vejjajiva said that during the 24 hours since the declaration of the state of emergency, steps had been taken to suppress the distortion of information which brought about hatred. 
17 Nov 2009
Since three special laws have been enforced in the three Southern border provinces including the Martial Law Act B.E.2457 (1914) and the Emergency Decree on Government Administration in States of Emergency B.E. 2548 (2005) covering the provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat and the Internal Security Act B.E. 2551 (2008)  covering the districts of Chana, Thepha, Nathawee, and Sabayoy in Songkhla, almost all of cases related to insurgency  are related to the enforcement of special laws. 


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