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25 Jun 2015
About 20 police officers, most in plainclothes, have been deployed at the entrance to a Bangkok safe house of 11 of 14 student activists wanted on arrest warrants for protesting.    The 11 are wanted on arrest warrants for commemorating the first anniversary of the coup at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and in Khon Kaen on 22 May.    Rangsiman Rome, one of the 11, told Prachatai that they will not resist arrest as this fight is coming to an end.
24 Jun 2015
14 student activists wanted on arrest warrants for political activities have gathered in front of a police station in Bangkok, while a student activist arrested this morning will be released on bail.   14 student activists, seven are members of Dao Din, a student activist group based in northeastern province of Khon Kaen and seven are wanted on arrest warrants for a planned commemorating of the first anniversary of the coup on 22 May in Bangkok, gathered in front of Pathumwan Police Station, while about 100 people gathered to give them moral support. &nb
23 Jun 2015
The reason we have chosen to come to Loei, is because we know that we will definitely be arrested by the authorities. Loei is the community where the 7 of us first learnt about the impact of Loei gold- mining on the people. When the 7 of us had to decide where to be arrested, we decided we want to be arrested here in Loei. Here, in Loei, we started to learn about the community’s struggle and this community’s struggle has inspired the 7 of us to be a part of the movement against social injustice. It has also inspired us to work against inequality in society.
19 Jun 2015
The police in southern Thailand have questioned a freelance journalist about his political opinions and asked whether he is linked to anti-junta student activists in Thailand’s northeast and Deep South insurgent groups. On Wednesday afternoon, Pol Lt Col Parinya Hemachukiatkun, the Chief Inspector of the Special Branch Police of the southern province of Trang, came to inspect the house of Pratyakiat Waro, an independent journalist, while he was not home.
19 Jun 2015
It'd be very funny if we're jailed and other inmates ask "Why are you in jail?" and we reply "For showing a banner."   
19 Jun 2015
Update: the three were released on Friday evening with no charge.   The police have detained three student activists from the Dao Din group of Khon Kaen University, interrupting their plan to show moral support to seven other group members wanted by the police.    Kwanhathai Patumtawonsakul, Jiratchaya Hannarong and Krit Sangsurin were arrested at 1 pm when they were on their way to Khon Kaen’s Democracy Monument.
23 May 2015
For release on 22 May 2015   Today many students groups gathered to express their political views and opposition to the coup.
16 Feb 2015
An anti-coup student activist group from Thammasat University has condemned the charge against a student activist, who will be the first student tried in a military court. 
19 Dec 2014
The junta has invited student organizations from leading universities nationwide to voice opinions in a national reform forum while ironically continuing to abuse its power under martial law to intimidate and monitor student activists. According to the League of Liberal Thammasat for Democracy, an anti-coup student group based at Thammasat University, the junta has sent invitations to the rectors of several leading universities to invite student councils to join a national reform forum.
10 Dec 2014
High ranking military officer followed and “requested” to see a female member of Khon Kaen student activist group and continue to monitor the activities and whereabouts of the group members closely after the arrest of the five student activists flashing three-fingered in mid november.   The student activist told Prachatai  that the continuous intimidation from the authority stir up fear and greatly affected their studies during examination period.
2 Dec 2014
The military claimed that Khon Kaen three-fingered activists were hired by local politicians to discredit the junta leader and urged students not to use emotion to follow the anti-coup after several groups of student activists join hands in denouncing the junta’s martial law.   Maj Gen Kampanat Ruddit, the deputy Army Chief-of-Staff said on Monday that five Khon Kaen students from Dao Din group, who were arrested for waving three fingers and wearing t-shirts with the message reads ‘No Coup’ during Prayuth’s, the head of the junta, visit in the northern province of
28 Nov 2014
Khon Kaen student activists arrested for giving three-fingered salute at the head of the junta reported intimidations they received after their release to the United Nations officers in Bangkok.


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