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<p dir="ltr">Young activists entered a cage installed in front of Thammasat University to support the 14 anti-junta activists</p> <p>The students activists from the <a href="">League of Liberal Thammasat for Democracy (LLTD)</a> on Wednesday, 1 July 2015, placed a cage as a replica of prison cells on the pavement in front of the wall of Thammasat University, Tha Prachan Campus, in Bangkok.</p>
<p>The Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS), a public media outlet supported by the state, might face a 50,000 baht fine from the Thai authorities for broadcasting a programme on the background of the 14 embattled anti-junta student activists.</p>
By Thikan Srinara |
<p>“What is your relation to Supot Jaengrew?”</p> <p dir="ltr"><span id="docs-internal-guid-4c424c6d-4827-aaff-27d4-dabb58294e9d">“He is my grandfather.”</span></p>
<p>A Facebook page of pro-junta students has urged the 14 anti-junta student activists to cease all political movements, claiming that they are selfish and destroying the nation. &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<div>A group of almost 300 academics denounced the junta’s arrest of 14 anti-junta activists, mostly university students, as “barbaric.”</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>The Network of Academics Concerned about Arrested Students, consisting of educators from all across Thailand, declared in a statement released Tuesday, June 30, that “only a tyrant would react using brute force and enforcement of barbaric laws on students using their citizens’ rights to call for reinstatement of internationally-held values and governance.”</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>The statement praises the activists’ pro-democracy </div>
By United Nations Human Rights Office for South East Asia (OHCHR) |
<div>BANGKOK (30 JUNE 2015) - The United Nations Human Rights Office for South East Asia (OHCHR) urges the Government to promptly drop criminal charges against students who have been arrested in Bangkok for peacefully demonstrating in public and release them from custody. </div>
By European Union |
<div>The European Union Delegation issues the following statement in agreement with the EU Heads of Mission in Thailand.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Bangkok, 30 June 2015 – The arrests of 14 students on the basis of charges brought against them for peacefully demonstrating on 22 May is a disturbing development.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>The EU believes in the right of all to express peacefully their opinions and calls upon the Thai authorities to abide by Thailand's obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. </div>
<p>Human rights lawyers condemned the Thai police for the hasty arrests of 14 embattled student activists and the unlawful collection of the activists’ mobile phones.</p> <p>Yaowalak Anuphan, head of Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR), said at a press conference on Sunday, 28 June, at Thammasat University, that the arrests on Friday were hasty and unprofessional.</p> <p>The 14 activists, mostly students, were arrested for political gatherings on 22 May, the first anniversary of the 2014 coup d’état, in Bangkok and the northeastern province of Khon Kaen.</p>
<p>The Thai police confiscated five mobile phones after a search of the car of a defence lawyer for the 14 embattled anti-junta student activists while the lawyer pointed out that the search was unlawful.</p>
<p>Pro-democracy activists and people from all walks of life gathered at Thammasat University and Bangkok Remand Prison on Sunday to give moral support for 14 embattled anti-junta activists in custody.</p> <p>At noon on Sunday, many students from the&nbsp;<a href="">Liberal League of Thammasat for Democracy (LLTD)</a>, activists, academics and others gathered in front of the Tha Prachan Campus of Thammasat University to attached placards with messages to support the 14 student activists on the campus wall.</p>
<p>The Thai army commander says that the arrest of 14 embattled anti-junta student activists was unavoidable to prevent further conflicts and warned that people involved with the student activists will face tough measures.</p> <p>According to the&nbsp;<a href="">Thai News Agency</a>, Gen Udomdech Sitabutr, Commander of the Thai Army and Deputy Defence Minister, said on Saturday that the arrest of 14 anti-junta student activists was necessary to prevent further conflicts in the nation.</p>